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Design, development and manufacture of wet surface treatment equipment (until 100L Volume), wet surface treatment testing equipment, wet surface treatment analyzers (excluding coating application) Design, development and manufacture of wet surface treatment-related products (equipment/chemicals).

ASPEX Corporation offers an all-in-one solution, combining high magnification imaging and elemental compositional analysis-with automated control software, a complete set of statistical analysis and reporting tools, and comprehensive data management and data integrity tools. One system from a single vendor with cutting-edge performance, at a cost inherently lower than purchasing all the components separately

HORIBA, Ltd. developed a way of producing the standard gas, a necessity in unifying the memory of the pollution measurement equipment. HORIBA STEC was established to exhibit the technique. We hold the largest share of Mass Flow Controllers. We are relying on our comprehensive knowledge base to develop innovative new technologies that provide leading products for today's demanding market place.

OAI is a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of advanced precision equipment for the Semiconductor, MEMS, Microfluidics, Display, and Photovoltaic and Solar Industries. The company offers a broad range of field-tested products that include mask aligners, UV exposure systems, UV light sources, Nano Imprint Systems, and PV Solar Simulators and I-V Testers.

FHR Anlagenbau GmbH is an innovative company focused on vacuum process technology and special plant construction. Using their many years of experience in thin film technology, our engineers create both state-of-the-art solutions for thin film applications and tailor-made plant designs.

We offer a wide range of laser systems and laser machines for micromachining, laser drilling, laser cutting, precision machining, micro drilling, fabrication, laser ablation, scribing, etching, laser marking, laser engraving and milling. These systems can be selected of the shelf or specially customized for the customer's needs

Mechatronic developing specialised machines for handling thin or warped wafers in the semiconductor industry such as TAIKO, MEMS, film frame, eWLB etc. Mechatronic's fully automated handling systems are used for non-contact transport of wafers. For this, various procedures and equipment have been developed, such as the Bernoulli and also the vacuum technology.

tousimis research corporation was among the first laboratories designed to provide instruments, chemicals, reference standards, and laboratory accessories specifically for the electron microscopy laboratory and X-ray micro analysis research service. Dr. A. J. Tousimis has authored two books and more than 149 publications in the field, and together with colleagues achieved extraordinary discoveries.

Based in Mumbai, We are a an organization of highly skilled professionals, putting enormous efforts to promote Indian engineering industry in the global economy by offering technically superior control equipment such as: Electronic Digital Counter, Electronic Digital Timer, Process Control & Automation Products, Test & Measurement Products, Production Monitoring Products, Consumer Electronic Products and more.

With our strong foothold in electronics, UCP Engineering is able to design and manufacture plasma cleaning systems for a wide range of applications UCP engineering is the primary designer for UCP Plasma Technologies as well as for a number of well known companies.

Applied Electro-Optics Inc. (AEO),It is a leading supplier of inspection, metrology instruments and software products. These instruments and software have found wide applications in biomedical research, material science and industrial inspection.

SSEC products are all built around the companys core competency of single wafer wet processing. Precision and economy is the goal, and every SSEC system provides benefits in yield, precision, and uniformity, and the lowest cost of ownership (CoO). Systems are configured from off-the-shelf modules for exact fit-to-user requirements. SSEC offers the highest yield, complete hermetic package sealing solution including
sealing system, environmental
enclosures, moisture removal vacuum
ovens, and automation.

Thermco Systems was established in 1962 in Orange County, California and since that date the company has been manufacturing leading edge furnaces. Our equipment is used in the semiconductor, MEMS, Nano, LED and photovoltaic industries and today Thermco has the largest world-wide installed base of horizontal diffusion furnaces.

Amicra provide customers with extraordinary, high-technological engineering services, specializing in the latest High-precision die bonder and flip chip bonder technology, wafer inking systems, dispense and test systems as well as products for the entire industry field of microelectronics, including:active optical cable, fan-out, TSV, TCB, process development,semiconductor backend, fiber optic, LED, opto electronics, and MEMS.